T.I.X Platinum G1

A Storck for any terrain. The T.I.X. is a cross frame in a class of its own with an oversized headset for increased head tube stiffness, proportional tubing and ‘Directional Depending Stiffness’ for best technical performance in all frame sizes. ‘Torque Free Axles’ provide greater stability and disc brakes ensure the required safety. The ‘all-clear’ for cross-country fun - be it with an electronic or mechanical gearshift. The engineering approaches used in the T.I.X. guarantee unrivaled and secure riding feel and noticeable comfort. The handling characteristics of the T.I.X. ‘help’ any rider stay on track. T.I.X. – genetically induced dynamics.

Frame: £2949.00   Complete Builds from £4999.99

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