Visioner Prana G1

The classic racing machine based on the success models Visioner C and Visioner CSL – it’s hard to imagine a better way to enter the world of the carbon racers. The Visioner Comp’s appeal not only relies on a rigorously classic visual appearance but offers the features and advantages that are typical of Storck as well. In addition to the obligatory high stiffness in the areas of the head tube and bottom bracket, both segments boast carbon elements. The cables for the brakes and the mechanical or electronic gearshifts are of course routed internally. The ‘Procycling,’ ‘Roadbike’ and ‘Tour’ bike magazines have awarded positive ratings to this bike across the board, an assessment that is particularly reassuring for first-time carbon bike riders. "Roadbike of the year 2015/16" at The Visioner Comp makes entering the Storck carbon world an update on an all-new level.

Frame: £1499.99   Complete Builds from £3199.99

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