Aero 2 Pro

An uncompromising and super-light Aero machine with minimal drag due to its rigorous aerodynamic tube design and Zeitjäger time-trial aero handlebar. In the Platinum version, it additionally features carbon brakes with optimal aerodynamic integration. For triathletes like Marino Vanhoenacker and Tine Holst, it is the bike of choice. The wide adjustment range of the saddle mount allows the seating angle to be adapted to the rider’s needs. The space between the rear wheel and the aerodynamic seat tube can be individually adjusted as well. The frame can be equipped with electronic as well as mechanical shifting components. Plus, a high stiffness-to-weight ratio ensures optimal power transmission. Aero2 – time for new best times.

Frameset: £3749.00   Complete Builds from £4999.00

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