If speed is your ultimate priority, then the Aerfast range from Storck is for you.

Many hours of aerodynamic research have gone into creating a range of light, stiff and exceedingly fast cycles.

Road.cc have just released their round up of the best Aero bikes to watch out for in 2018, and of course Storck was high up on the list!

best aero bicycle 2018

The team have had the chance to test the Aerfast Platinum, our top level carbon fibre aero bike, and on their website they had this to say:

"Buying the Storck Aerfast Platinum is a massive outlay, but boy, oh boy do you get one hell of a return on your investment. It's a sub-6.5kg race weapon, with aerodynamics that work in the real world, and it offers comfort levels to challenge most endurance bikes.

Taking plenty of things it has learnt from its astonishingly good Aernario, Storck has pushed the design even further down the aerodynamics route, and what it has created in the Aerfast is a bike that's not only unbelievably fast, but light and stiff too.

If you're in the market for an aero bike, speed is going to be topping your list of priorities, and that's where the Aerfast truly excels. At lower speeds the Storck feels like any other bike to ride, any other superlight bike that is, but as you ride faster it feels like a permanent tailwind is nudging you along, a friendly hand on your back as you watch the numbers climb on the Garmin – with little more effort required than there was 5mph ago. It's a wonderful feeling, and one of which you never tire."

You can check out the Storck Aerfast range here.