Ahead of their latest issue, the lucky people at Bikes Etc have been testing superbikes.

An elite crop of road bikes to which many others can only aspire, superbikes offer their owners the creme-de-la-creme of cycling technology - and among this select group of cycles, the Storck Fascenario F.3 Platinum.

The culmination of our many year's of carbon fibre experience, it brings together many of our best ideas and technologies to create a riding experience like no other.

The 55cm version tested by Bikes Etc came with Shimano's Dura-Ace 9100 groupset and Edco Umbrial 45mm Aero wheels, and weighed in at just 6.79 kilos.

carbon fibre superbikes

In their review Bikes Etc said:

"The Fascenario is unashamedly aimed at racers and on the road it certainly feels like that. It is incredibly responsive, with sprints and big climbs not giving a hint of lateral flex. This is helped by the fantastic Edco Umbrial wheels. They have what many would consider an old-fashioned design, with a V-shaped 45mm profile (rather than the more current U-shape trend). But on the road the wheels feel as fast as anything at the same depth and are impressive at shaking off stiff sidewinds, which can often be a weakness for many deep-section carbon wheels. In the wet the braking performance is reasonable, giving predictable power even if it's not the most powerful.

Another nod towards the racing design shows through with the handling which is incredibly agile and quick to change direction with a light front end. To make the most of it and avoid the front end from becoming too vague, it is a bike that we'd suggest using in a low and aggressive riding position, where more weight is over the front wheel."

Overall the bike scored an impressive 9.2/10 on test, scoring highly with the choice of wheels, the race geometry and surprising levels of comfort given the aerodynamic performance.

For the full review, pick up the January 2018 issue of Bikes Etc.

Find out more about the Fascenario range here.