Earlier this week it was announced that British Cycling are to allow disc brakes during affiliated domestic races from 2018.

This exciting development widens the range of bikes available to riders who race in the UK, and we thought it was the ideal time to take a closer look at several of our road options.

 Aernario Comp Disc.jpg

  • Aernario Comp Disc

If you're new to Storck, the Comp range provides a great way to join the family and experience that famous Storck DNA for the first time.

Featuring a number of core Storck technologies including our Directional Depending Stiffness, this bike is lightening fast and offers razor-sharp handling. It has already been described as 'the future for bikes with disc brakes' by the team at Cycling Weekly.

The Ultegra 6800 build comes in at £3,100, with a complete weight from just 7.6 kilograms.

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 AERNARIO-pro-disc11164 - small.jpg

  • Aernario Pro Disc

Lighter and stiffer than the Comp, our Pro Disc model uses different carbon fibre grades and lay-ups to create a bike with a pedigree to which others can only aspire.

The inclusion of our Proportional Tubing technology ensures optimal stiffness and comfort on all frame sizes, as we carefully vary the thickness, conification and diameter in specific places.

New for 2018 we also have the highly desirable 'Aeratus' model, featuring our latest colour which changes with the light - it combines brutal speed with sheer beauty.

The frame starts at 940g, with the fork from just 400g, and comes in at £3,599.99 for ultimate customisation.

Complete builds are also available from £5599.99.

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 F.3 Disc.png

  • Fascenario .3 Pro Disc

A pure expression of everything that is Storck, the Fascenario series builds on some of our greatest achievements to date and sets new benchmarks in the road bike market.

Using our latest Nano Carbon Technology, we've created a frameset that is both lighter and stronger, as proven by our in-house testing which goes far beyond industry standards.

Countless hours of aerodynamics testing produce an ultra-fast ride for the serious racer.

Frames start at just 920g and forks just 400g, at a price of £4299.99.

We also offer complete builds starting at £6199.99.

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