Meet Markus - the man at the very heart of Storck.

For more than two decades he has pushed boundaries and set new industry benchmarks to which many others now aspire - but how did it all begin?

From an early age, his life has revolved around bicycles. His parents owned a cycle shop in Frankfurt, and his grandfather raced professionally with Opel.

Markus was himself racing by the age of six, and by his early teens he could often be found running one of his families shops as the business expanded.

In 1986 he founded Bike-tech Gmbh, followed by Storck Bike-tech Gmbh in 1989, with everything eventually rebranded as Storck Bicycle in 1995. In 1990 he also founded Eurobike with close friend Erich Reiss, and the show is now considered to be the largest bicycle trade fair in the world.

Markus studied under master frame-builder Yoshiaki Ishigaki in Japan in 1990, and learned to work with materials such as aluminium and magnesium to create custom bicycle frames. Eventually this led to carbon fibre - which of course plays a huge part in everything Storck does today as a manufacturer.

In 1992 Markus engineered the first ever carbon fibre cycle crank, which weighed in at just 280g to make them the lightest ever built at the time. Since then, Markus has also used the material to produce the world's lightest racing bike fork.

His continuous innovations with Vacuum Void Controlled production technology allowed him to reduce the resin content of the high-grade carbon bicycle frames by a third, allowing future Storck designs to have lighter, stiffer frames, while maintaining the comfort and stability which is synonymous with the brand to this day.

To date at Storck, we have won more than 80 design awards as Markus and the team continue to build on their carbon fibre innovations and deliver ever increasing levels of performance.

Outside of the cycle world, several prestigious manufacturers including Aston Martin, McClaren and Rolex have teamed up with Markus to create unique limited edition products such as supercars, watches and even bottles of wine.

This is a man who lives and breathes cycling, and every time you're in the saddle of a Storck, you can tell.