Here at Storck we've been pushing the boundaries of carbon fibre bicycle development for more than two decades.

Everything we do is meticulously researched and developed to deliver optimum performance for the ultimate cycling experience regardless of discipline - but when it comes to our bike range, we like to keep things as simple as possible!

If you've ever browsed our website, or picked up a Storck catalogue at your local dealer, you'll no doubt have noticed three distinct names - Comp, Pro and Platinum.

So what's the difference?

  • Comp

If you're looking for a time trial, road or cyclocross bike, our 'Comp' range provide an affordable entrance into the whole Storck experience along with all the performance benefits that go with it. You can rest assured that same care and attention goes into producing every single cycle that we make, and you can instantly feel that famous Storck DNA regardless of the model, because we don't cut corners.

  • Pro

Our Pro range offers quite a step up from the Comp experience. Using an alternative grade of carbon fibre than the Comp range, Markus and the Storck team have also put a huge amount of effort into researching different layups which allow us to produce a bike which is both ligther and stiffer, without compromising on the strength of the frame. An improved fork design also allows us to deliver performance gains in several areas over the Comp series.

  • Platinum

When it comes to our Platinum level cycles, we've really been pushing the boundaries of carbon fibre technology. The use of a higher grade material, combined with Storck's Nano Carbon Technology Resin (NTR) on selected models, essentially allows us to use less resin to fill the air pockets in the material, further reducing frame weight whilst also increasing flexibility in the right places for optimum comfort and performance. Platinum really does offer cyclists the ultimate riding experience.

If you have a question about any bike withing the Storck range, we're always more than happy to help so please feel free to contact us.

Our network of dealers around the UK will also be more than happy to help, so be sure to pay them a call.