Whether you're racing cyclocross or taking part in your local Thursday night chain gang, we're confident that you'll love the T.I.X. Platinum G1.

Developed with the kind of passion and attention to detail that Markus Storck and his close knit team are famous for, this is a serious piece of kit and it's fast enough on the road to make your friends question their choice of bike too.

Recently we asked the team over at Grit.CX to put our cyclocross superbike to the test, and Alex Moloney was the lucky guy chosen to take it for a three week spin.

Stiffness and comfort are optimised by using Storck's proportional tubing design technique, which varies the diametre and thickness in just the right places to ensure that regardless of frame size, riders both big and small are catered for.

Directional dependant stiffness also helps to ensure maximum comfort even on longer rides, whilst limiting twist flex to ensure maximum power transfer when you decide to get on the gas.


At the end of his review, Alex stated:

"Returning to where I started, did a supposed superbike live up to high expectations? My answer is a resounding and barely qualified yes. The price is still frightening, and out of the reach of many, but if you are willing to spend the cash, then I believe you will enjoy the benefits of an extremely capable frameset. While it is a superb race bike, its ‘This is Cross’ moniker is perhaps a misnomer. I doubt many will buy the T.I.X purely for an hour’s racing every winter weekend, and in many ways I’m glad. It would be shame for a bike so capable to only get time between the tape. Regardless of where it is used though, there aren’t many bikes that are likely to genuinely make you faster, whether on gravel, mud, or tarmac. For me, this was the most impressive thing about the T.I.X.

Now, where’s my piggy bank? I’m off to see how far I am from being able to afford one of these."

You can read the whole review in detail over at Grit.CX.

Find out more about the Storck cyclocross range here.