The perfect combination of aerodynamic efficiency and comfort, the Fascenario.3 Platinum is our all-round premium superbike.'s Dave Arthur has recently been spending quite a lot of time riding one, and he quickly found out that it's fast, very fast...

In his 10th September 2017 review, Dave says:

"It's exceptionally fast, that much is abundantly clear. It's like you're being shoved along by a force 10 gale such are the high speeds the Storck makes easy, relatively speaking, to obtain even when you're not really shoving the pedals around with all your strength.

It picks up speed supremely well. When you open up the taps there's no hint of flex from the huge oversized bottom bracket, downtube and chainstays. Though it's not billed as an out-and-out aero road bike, there are some clear aero features – the bowed fork and Kamm tail down tube – which along with the deep section wheels gifts the Storck incredible speed and clearly help it to compete with other dedicated aero bikes that operate in this category.

You don't even have to be putting out big power to enjoy the speed it offers. It delivers great pace even when you're noodling along with your head in the clouds. I found I was able to clock higher average speeds with no big increase in power output, which was jolly nice. And there's certainly no need for a wind tunnel to verify its aero performance, the speed on the Garmin says it all. This bike is hella fast.

Relax into a canter, and you can revel in how the geometry provides nicely weighted steering, while the tapered head tube and the bowed fork provide a very direct feeling through the handlebars. It turns with great agility and there's fantastic steering response that makes it a fun and rewarding bike to throw into corners. Any corner – wide and sweeping or tight and cambered – poses no problem for the Storck. It has no hesitation putting the tyres exactly where you want them. It's a delight to ride through any twisting road or descent and for sure is one of the most exciting bikes I've tested this year.

The low weight of the bike and the high level of stiffness gives a delicious immediacy to the way the Storck responds to your inputs. It's oh-so-precise and nimble; point it at an apex and it'll follow your directions faithfully. And unlike some high-end stiff carbon bikes, the Storck doesn't get skittish or nervous when you're really pushing along at speed or getting a bit wild into the corners, nothing seems to faze it. It feels solid at high speed. It's a bike you can trust to look after you.

Ride quality is generally very good. Comfort has been considered in the design of the frame, the D-shaped seatpost and Storck's own carbon handlebar, and on the majority of road surfaces, it's smooth and reasonably supple. I couldn't really detect the saddle or handlebar deflecting under my weight, but after one seven-hour ride I leapt off the bike feeling as fresh as could be expected, though I couldn't say the same of my legs. So it manages long distances as well as short blasts."

Learn more about the Fascenario.3 Platinum here.