Any new cycle frame is subject to international standardised testing to check both strength and durability.

Always striving to push boundaries and set new standards, Storck go well beyond this with further in-house tests at our HQ in Idesin, Germany to ensure they meet our own high standards.

Each Storck frame is stress tested for 1000 cycles in various different jigs to see how they respond under the most extreme forces a bike could possibly experience when being ridden in the real world. The sheer number of repetitions done ensures the long-term durability of these frame sets.

Also during the testing we take a closer look at the key element of directional stiffness. For example the testing of the seat tube reveals the flex within the seat post in a rearward facing direction, giving you further compliance when riding.

The latest Fascenario .3 frame underwent even more stringent testing that normal, with the number of cycles doubled to further satisfy our team about the life span of these lightweight all-round frames.

Putting our products through such extreme testing gives us the knowledge and data required to continue driving forward cycle frame technology.

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